emotional lyrics, progressive melodies.

"Instant nostalgia"

"An old memory, your childhood home, that friend you lost touch with"

Hailing from the river city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bellweather music delivers big city sound, with echoes of The National, Keane, and Regina Spektor 

- - - 

Brian Peerbolt brings you back.

Brian spends his evenings in the company of musicians and producers. With over 40 songs written for 14 different performers of varying style, brian's home is a meeting place of music. A place where songs are crafted from emotion, story, and late-night conversation. His music begins at the piano or with a guitar and he often helps create a fuller sound in the studio as a co-producer.

listen to his ghost-writes and co-produced songs here


Brian recorded the showroom sessions in February 2018 just after the birth of his son. bellweather was crafted in the dim light after-hours of the piano store. the showroom sessions mark the beginning of bellweather's live presence.

check out his live sound here